How to Park Safely in a Parking Lot
Posted by automobilescratch, 11/09/2017 7:51 am

The most common cause of casual car scratches is not selecting the right space in the parking lot. Every Driver has seen a car parked strategically, only to attract attention. That pick-up truck that is parked diagonally a d taking up three spaces is practically a target. Someone will try to squeeze their vehicle in that partially filled space and hit the front or back of the truck.

Parking at the very end of a row to avoid contact with any other cars can backfire as well. Drivers do not expect to find a car there and may smash into it while looking in the other direction, or turning the vehicle. Parking in the front few rows is not smart because people walk in between those vehicles the most.

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Avoid the Most Convenient Spaces

Steer clear of spaces near those cart corrals, for example, People will try to save steps by pushing the cart across the aisle, angling it to reach the corral, or get their kids to corral the cart. There is not a driver alive who has not witnessed this, and most are guilty of it once or twice.

Carts can be knocked off course by the wind, the slope of the lot, or a vehicles that taps it on the way by. A slow bump may not leave any scratch, but why take the chance? Most carts hit a vehicle, bounce back, and hit it a second time. Make sure the vehicle is in an actual parking space. Parking by the front door while waiting for a child or spouse is likely to cause confusion and make the car a target.

The best place to park is about half way up the aisle, or in the spaces that are located across those aisles. Getting in and out will be easier, the care will be safer, and drivers will get some regular exercise. Try it the next time you go shopping, to the movies, or to work.

What to Do When a Scratch Appears

A minor and surface Automobile scratch can be easily taken care of with a premium clear coat scratch remover. These can be found in the automotive section of the department store, at vehicle parts outlets, and online. The best place to purchase a car scratch remover is online. The lower pricing from E commerce sites allows owners to get a much better product without spending a fortune.

If the scratch has passed through the clear coat, a car paint scratch remover product is needed. Either product is likely to pay for itself in the first use. There are multiple applications in the product so do not throw it away. Step-by-step instructions are included, as well as a video to help owners identify the scratch.

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